Slim RFID Blocking Men’s Front Pocket Wallet Money Clip Wallet

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If you are looking for a wallet with larger capacity, but do not like a large and bulky ordinary wallet, our sophisticated modern wind carbon fiber money clip wallet is very suitable for you! This 3/8-inch, 4-inch x 3.5-inch thin wallet with money clip has 12 slots and can easily store 13 cards. This men’s money clip wallet has a groove design on the outside to easily push out your frequently used cards, ID transparent window can store ID card and driver’s license, easy to distinguish your card or view personal information.It can carry business cards, credit cards, debit cards, bills and others. it can easily fit into your front pocket or coat pocket without looking bulky and bulging, It is an ideal choice for business people. External notches allow you to easily push cards out. Customized size, color and design are supported. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, and we will reply within 24 hours.

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safety security and privacy

This men's money clip wallet is equipped with RFID security technology certified by the German Institute. It is a unique metal composite material, which is specially designed to block 13.56MHz or higher RFID signals, and protect valuable information stored on RFID chips from unauthorized scanning. It protects your privacy and property security to the maximum extent.

functional and classy

This ultra-thin carbon fiber men's money clip wallet designed with customers in mind, and is equipped with a longer stainless steel money clip to facilitate the insertion and removal of banknotes during use. It uses classic patterns, clean lines and hand stitches. our timeless design will never go out of style. It is made of the best pure leather, which is durable and combines elegance, quality and convenience perfectly. The hand sewn finish increases durability and is believed to be the best choice for business people.

gift packaging

This money clip wallet is beautifully packaged and can be customized to suit your needs to make it look more advanced and durable. It is the perfect gift for important occasions such as Father's Day, Anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, etc.

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