Here are a few of the best-selling wallet styles on Amazon

  1. RFID protection wallet: This wallet is equipped with RFID blocking technology, which can effectively prevent signal stealing devices from reading sensitive information on the card and protect the security of personal information.Main-03 (2)
  2. Leather Long Wallets: Leather long wallets are a classic choice and are usually spacious enough to hold multiple credit cards, cash, and other items.51LqVkoTiyL
  3. Sports wallet: The design of the sports wallet is simple and light, suitable for wearing while exercising, and can conveniently carry cards and cash.bumbag (1)
  4. Card Holders: Card holders are usually compact enough to hold a few credit cards and some cash. They are perfect for those looking to reduce the size and weight of their wallets.Carbon Fiber Black-01
  5. Clip-back wallet: A clip-back wallet is a style that clips the wallet to a trouser pocket or underwear, which reduces the risk of theft and provides a more convenient use experience.Carbon Black - Orange-01

Post time: Sep-04-2023