common card case styles

There are many styles of wallets, here are some common card holder styles:

  1. Bi-fold wallet: This type of card holder usually consists of two folded sections that hold multiple credit cards, cash, and other small items.lQDPJxMOYJj3lCTNA4TNBkCwpOALr-gV-RcE4dznYMAhAQ_1600_900
  2. Tri-fold wallet: This type of card holder consists of three folded sections and usually has more card slots and compartments to hold more cards and cash.
  3. Long wallet: A long wallet is a relatively long style, which can generally hold more cards and cash, as well as mobile phones and other items.lQDPJwLkLS5WqSTNA4TNBkCwysd0NOtLzZgE4d17kwBRAA_1600_900
  4. Small card case: The small card case is usually small and light, suitable for storing a small amount of cards and cash, and very convenient to carry.
  5. Multifunctional Wallet: The multifunctional wallet is designed with more functions and compartments, which can hold cards, cash, mobile phone, keys and more.
  6. Double zipper card holder: This kind of card holder usually has two zippers, which can separate different cards and items for easy access and management.
  7. Clutch wallet: A clutch wallet is a type of wallet without a handle that usually holds cards, cash, and a cell phone and is suitable for formal occasions.
  8. Envelope wallet: An envelope wallet is a style without zippers, buttons, or other openings. Usually, cards and cash are placed directly, which is very simple and practical.                                                                            These are just some of the common card case styles, there are so many other unique and innovative styles to choose from on the market, it is important to choose one that suits your needs and preferences.

Post time: Sep-04-2023