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New Design Waterproof Men’s Canvas Leather Wallet full grain leather wallet

New Design Waterproof Men’s Canvas Leather Wallet

new design

Credit Card Theift is something you hear about everyday, but you don’t have to be the victum today!
Protect yourself from theives with our RFID Blocking Wallets. Our minimalist wallets not only protect you, they do it in style! Do you hear the Waterproof Men’s Canvas Leather Wallet ?


Built with Style, Safety, and your modern person in mind. ;LT Wallet is the best Front pocket wallet , breaking away from the boring old conventional bi-fold wallet. LT Wallet mixes cutting edge Technology and fashion in keep your information protected, and the customer in style. Lux Wallet’s RFID blocking technology, prevent theives from stealing your information all the while looking amazing. Let us know how you show off your LT Wallet.


When RFID emerged, every one was pursuing it, and now having an RFID wallet is nothing new. We must constantly keep up with the times, continue to innovate, and develop new waterproof wallets.

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