PU leather: a new favorite of environmental protection and fashion

PU leather is a synthetic leather material composed of polyurethane coating and substrate, mainly made of chemically synthesized polymers. Compared to genuine leather, PU leather has the following significant advantages:
Lower cost: Compared to genuine leather, PU leather has a lower manufacturing cost and therefore a relatively lower price, providing more options.
Easy maintenance: PU leather has good wear resistance and aging resistance, easy to clean and maintain, and is not easy to wear after long-term use.
Environmental protection: PU leather does not require the use of a large amount of chemicals like genuine leather during the manufacturing process, and can achieve material recycling and reuse, making it more environmentally friendly.
Realistic appearance: Nowadays, PU leather has a similar appearance texture and feel to genuine leather, which is almost indistinguishable, making it increasingly popular among consumers.
PU leather has also become a widely used material in the market, used to manufacture many products including clothing, footwear, luggage, furniture, etc. At the same time, with people’s attention to environmental protection and sustainability, PU leather, as an environmentally friendly material that can replace genuine leather, is also increasingly favored by consumers.
In sales, the selling point of PU leather mainly lies in its advantageous characteristics, such as good wear resistance, easy maintenance, environmental protection, and so on. At the same time, production enterprises can also develop products that better meet consumer needs based on market demand, such as personalized customization of textures, colors, and other aspects.
These are the selling points and advantages of PU leather in the market.

Post time: Apr-10-2023