A good habit of keeping a diary

How to start diary keeping on leather diary notebook

If I am going to be diary keeping, what form should it take? Am I a beginner who has never even kept a diary or a seasoned diarist who wants to take her writing to another level?

I have a decision to make. Is my diary to plan my week and then comment on it or purely retrospective, but whatever, I am going to buy myself a really special journal in which to do my writing..


Decisions about diary keeping.

So I will begin by deciding what period of time I am going to cover. Because of my character I need to be strict. I will prioritise for a week and see how I go, set myself a challenge to help keep myself organised and on task. It will be just like making a New Years Resolution every week. I will need to have categories, things I must remember to do (at the right time) new challenges to confront (and what), pleasant things that happen, old friends unexpectedly encountered.

Pleasures to come

All these things are worthy of note and at a later date can be read with pleasure. I could add a photograph or a little drawing. The more I think about it the better I like it. I am starting to think this could be the beginning of a new me!

I must be approaching level one in diary keeping surely. What do you think?

How to choose the best diary book

When i see this leather diary notebook , I can’t put it down. Its design is so perfect that you can take it with you wherever you go, whether you are at home or traveling abroad.

It is really slim and smell good , just 15*11cm , and the insert papers could be refilled . when you use out could renew by yourself .

I like to keep track of what happens every day now 🙂  .

More details about this leather diary notebook , pls contact me .