What is the difference between top grain and full grain leather?

grain leather

Types of Leather Grains

The distinction between the categories of a Top Grain Leather and Full Grain leather are important. Top Grain leather refers to the process of sanding away the natural grain from the top surface of the leather. Imitation grain gets stamped into the leather to give a more uniform look, but no genuine grain remains. The word “top” often confuses seekers of the finest leather because it infers that it is “the tops” in quality.

Full Grain Leather

The real “tops” in quality is Full Grain leather. The best upholstery Full Grain leathers should display the natural markings. And grain characteristics from the animal of which it has taken. Full Grain leathers generally come from a better quality. Like hide or skin and it will not apply sanding processes to its surface. Full Grain leathers offer a natural look and feel and it treats transparently aniline dyes.

Corrected Leather grains

Corrected Leather grains fall into the Top Grain Leather category. These leathers go through considerable processing of sanding, buffing, stamping and then dyeing. The purpose of this processing is to create a uniform look that removes insect bites, barbed-wire scratches and other environmental markings that might appear on the hide. Corrected Leather grains fall into the next 18% of leathers.
Grains of leather that fall below the 18% mark should be avoided in the upholstery of your next leather wallet product. The tissue structure of materials in split-grains, patent leather and bonded leather do not measure up to the durability and quality of Full Grain and Top Grain leathers.

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